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This here is for future use I plan to make a contest when I have more pages done for Guardians of Avalon. The contest would be of entering a student and their guardian spirit. I will have Camelot refs of students and guardian for this

Guardians is the term given to the creatures created by the holy grains will. They can range from the beings of mythology, fairy tales to inanimate objects such as dolls, and even the souls of living beings, all given life or warped by the power of the Grail. All Guardians possess high regeneration capabilities and are quite durable, often withstanding copious amounts damage done by conventional weaponry, with some Of them shrug it off all together but can be badly wounded by another of their kind. Many also seem to gave the Intention to sneaking into Avalon. The most powerful Guardian in existence is the dragon many are willing to go to great lengths to meet and form a contract but fail it is said only a pendragon can make a contract. Guardians can leave the Grail's world by contracting with humans either legally or "illegally", and then escaping through a distortion (called The Way) that leads to Earth. With a few exceptions, these spirits cannot exist in the real world for prolonged periods of time without a host. A guardian can not be killed but can be sent back to their world this is when the contract ends. In rare cases a knight can reform a contract with an old guardian but with a heavy cost.

A Legal Contractor is someone, most commonly a staff member or student of Camelot academy, who has formed a Contract with a Spirit using a an item that belongs to said spirit. This method was originally created by The wizard Merlin when he created The academy alongside the Knights of the round table.

However, unlike Illegal Contractors, Legal Contractors have seals called commands that appear on their body in random places. Legal Contractor's form bonds with their spirt and are able to achieve Eclipse form.

Although, a Legal Contract can come with side effects, causing some Contractors to stop aging physically, thus forcing them to be isolated from society, while other Legal Contractors will continue to age physically.

An illegal contractor is a person who makes a contract with a spirit, by drinking said spirit's blood, it usually done without camelot's approval. Most illegal contractors form contracts in order to change their past in some way. However, only the Intention of the Grail can do this.

All illegal contractors' do not display the seal which makes it difficult to control them. One of few known illegal contractors to have ever been able to control their spirit is Morgana la Fay who later made a legal contract with the Guardian (no name it'll be a spoiler).

All of Morgana's followers have been revealed to have illegal contracts with a Guardians. However, because of this when they lose their spirits they are unable to form another contract with a new spirit.

Margery a teacher at Camelot academy is another illegal contractor who managed to form a very strong bond with her Guardian. It is unknown how she bonded with her spirit, though it came with a price and she became an illegal contractor.

Bedivere is revealed she herself was an illegal contractor due to her having Heart as a Guardian. Bedivere became an illegal contractor after her beloved dog companion was killed after saving her life. With the help of Merlin she made a contract with a guardian but paid the cost of losing her left arm to the summon.

Students of Camelot academy are able to summon them in their 2nd year it is extremely rare for a 1st year student to summon one. Many students summon their family's spirit and form bonds much faster.

Teachers are knights and a few are descendants of knights of the round table. These powerful knights are able to fully link with their guardian. Each teacher teaches the students how to make contract and to train/bond with their new spirits.

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