Yokai Bookmark #1: Hikeshibaba Picture

The past year has been super busy! @[email protected] Since I've been on the go lately, creating small pieces (e.g., bookmarks) seems to work well with my schedule, and I don't have to bring as many drawing materials with me. For now, the theme is yokai, inspired by a conversation I had with Digishade and by Mathew Meyer's beautiful and extensive database of Japanese mythological creatures.

As for Hikeshibaba, I thought she would make a good first for this series, especially after reading Meyer's excerpt:

"Hikeshibaba is a rare case in that her entire purpose for existence is to make it easier for other yokai to appear, by blowing out lanterns and candles and making the world a dimmer, gloomier place. It’s safe to bet that a lot of human-yokai interactions have been made possible thanks to her hard work!"
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