Talbot Picture

Talbot is a werewolf in Tremere's Saga (the main werewolf, actually). I named him after the original Wolf Man, from which my werewolf mythology (and most, in fact) is based. He is incredibly important to the saga's plot.

Werewolves in my mythology: the first werewolf was the titan Tyr, a member of the Norse Pantheon that took care of the wolf Fenrir. Fenrir had been corrupted by the half ogre, half titan Loki at birth and grew more evil and vicious each day. The black magic Loki had put in the pup's veins made it grow to suxh a gargantuan size that soon only Tyr would go near him. One day the Norse titans managed to tie the wolf's jaws together with a magic ribbon made by the dwarves, but not before the wolf bit off Tyr's hand.

Tyr contracted a disease from the bite. When the next full moon rose he transformed into a wolf-like humanoid filled with blood lust. He ravaged the countryside until Thor stopped him and, with help from the other Norse Gods, never again escaped when transformed till the day he died.

The disease, however, had spread. Those who transformed unchecked became more wolf-like with the more victims they killed, and began transforming more frequently. Those who embraced the change, either for good or evil, would gain the ability to consciously control their body while in wolf form and, with time, eventually control when they transformed. Witches and warlocks would drink potions of werewolf blood to gain the gift/curse, while some looked for a cure without avail.

While both Fenrir and Tyr died in the seventh age's apocalypse, the disease lived on after them. Eventually a man named Talbot became its victim, drawing the attention of a vampire named Tepes. Tepes was building an army and offered Talbot a place in it, but the werewolf declined, saying that he did not wish to give into the curse. Tepes did not like his response, so he did something unspeakable to Talbot's wife over a nine month period, culminating in giving her a vampire baptism, turning her into a soulless undead.

After staking his wife, Talbot sunk into his despair. He no longer locked himself up when the full moon rose, and eventually his transformations happened every time the sun set. His wolf form resembled Fenrir himself and was craven with one goal: find and kill Tepes. The vampire hired body guards to keep the werewolf at bay.

As is the nature with lyncanthropy, Talbot's human host wasted away because he had not acheived control of his wolf side. Eventually it was so one sided that, when the sun rose, Talbot did not turn into a man so much as he turned into a man's corpse. When that corpse was struck by moonlight it would turn back into a savage wolf, and it was at this point in Talbot's life that he met Tremere.

And how were the two connected? Tremere's best friend was Tepes, though to be fair, Tremere had no knowledge of Tepes's ill deeds... yet.
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