Hot Chocolate XD Picture

Name: Samantha Vladadose

Age: 25

Species: Choco Demon

Nicknames: Sammy

Gender: Female

S.O: pansexual

R.S: single as a freaking pringle

Nationality: ??

Occupation: Doesn't have one yet

Likes: Dark Places, Ghost stories, mythological creatures, cold/wet environments

Dislikes: Bright/warm places,Sharks, Lemons. vegetables


Weight: 234lbs

Height: 4,10

Build: Chubby, bulky, Curvy

Hair color: Bright purple

Eye color: Black with neon green iris`s

Skin: Medium brown with lots of markings and freckles

*she can have an attitude at some points
*thinks she`s all that and a bag of chips at some points
*Can be sweet at times
*doesn't approve of poachers
*Likes to go and discover caves and things
*lives in a cave
*prefers the mountains to the city

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