Arwen Picture

This started out as a concepty sketchy thing oops
which is why it looks weird
I didn't even bother trying on the proportional anatomy biz so you have this weird mix between human proportions in some places and cartoon anatomy in others c:


So looking through the characters I have, I realized that none of them are Canadian. NONE. So, um, I felt like I should change that?
Remember that dumb thing I mentioned? Where I wrote a short little thing where my characters from Neon Carnage Garden are dead? Well, uh, this is Arwen, and she's dead.
and since so many groups are dumb and don't accept the fact that sometimes you can't talk about a character much without giving away the story, I guess I have to tell you about her, even though I really, REALLY don't want to.

So at the moment she's in the dead world(s), flat broke because you get money there by helping the community. When you die in this story, they rebuild a body for you that matches the one you lived in, but if you want to change anything about it it's crazy expensive. No one ages, but it's possible to be made to look a certain age; exercise works at about a twentieth of the rate of a weight loss surgery, etc.
So Arwen is kind of self-conscious and wants to lose some weight and be taller, and accepts a rather odd job to make some money. She and some other misfit losers get sent back out to the living world and have to track down living dead people who don't want to admit that they're effing dead. Seriously, that's all I'm saying, so if anyone's got a problem with that they can suck it.
Um, aside from that, she used to be a little stuck-up and appearance conscious, but after she died (drowned) she became a lot more humble, after meeting all of the crazies that come with a world full of dead people. She likes animals (which is important) and mythology (which isn't). Her parents are still alive when the story takes place, because she's only been dead for fourteen years (WHICH IS REALLY NOT THAT MUCH.) And no, she doesn't have an age because I don't care and when you're dead it doesn't matter anyway.
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