Spirit Jane Derdarkistan Picture

This character was on my original account as well but I figured I'd move her over here too.))

Name: Spirit Jane Derdarkistan
Gender: female
Age: (depends. Range rp wise is) 15-18
Species: Kirian (a dark elf type species I made)
History: Spirit was one of the first of her species to ever exist. At a young age she grew up with two parents and a younger sibling. One day a mysterious figure approached her home and offered her family three wishes- stating after they asked for three specific things he would grant them in exchange for something. Her father wished for wealth, her mother wished for eternal health, and the sibling wished for power. Once all three wishes were granted- the figure said he would grant such things in exchange for Spirit. The family agreed, however, Spirit herself didn't buy this act and attacked the figure with a knife she carried around. However, this was the figure's plan all along. Soon Spirit switched places with that figure and soon her life was about to take an interesting turn.
Mythology: The figure that approached Spirit and her family was Death. However- this Death acts differently in my universe. In my universe Death can die. If Death is killed by another person then that person must take Death's place- and the previous Death may choose to either live again or pass on into whatever place they are destined to show up in. When Spirit stabbed Death, Death chose to be reborn- in Spirit's place.
So basically Spirit is my universe's version of Death c: ain't she adorable....that's not her true form so >>; I still have to get that made.
That char belongs to me <3
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