Team JAGR (placeholder) Picture

I've been working on a fan-made team for the RWBY series and so far, I've come up with a team name, an overall theme, and an emblem for member. The team is based on the four mythological creatures of the Chinese constellations and you can probably guess what they are by looking at the emblems. Coming up with a team name was a hassle because I couldn't come up with any decent combination of names before I decided to make the team name first and come up with character names later. I ended up using JAGR (said as "Jaeger") since it means "hunter", and I figured that it would be fitting in a series that is all about huntsmen and huntresses.

I'm still working on finalizing character names and designs as well as bios, so I'm using their emblems in place of silhouettes. I made them black so that they wouldn't blend in with the background. I realize that the "J" is a bit hard to see but the only real solution to that would be to darken the gradient of its panel.

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