The Death of God -Original Michael Concept Picture

The premise of The Death of God storyline began with the idea of, what if the deities of our human mythology were simply technologically more advanced beings that were misinterpreted by our ancestors, and what would happen if humanity managed to progress to a point where they could finally be at that same level.

The story developed, in that humanity had encountered an extra dimensional realm, a parallel to "heaven", and designed giant machines colloquially called "stairways to heaven", which utilized the entire net energy of a star system to bridge the gap between universes. Seeking to take the realm as their own and use its powers humanity fought a long brutal war against the advanced forces of "heaven", which consisted primarily of "angels", advanced beings wearing suits of armor which rendered them god-like. However, humanity prevailed, and usurped the throne of "god", the remaining "angels" scattering to hidden outposts across time and space. The leaders of humanity abandoned our universe in favor of the realm of "heaven", leaving it to the fate of the veterans of the war, who donning the suits of the "angels" they had defeated, returned as Gods, carving out the universe between themselves, and establishing a feudalistic society that they presided over as corrupt Gods.

Michael was one such individual, who after returning from the war in a suit of "angel" armor, exiled himself to a century long cryo-sleep, having lost everything he cared about in the war. He is awoken by a young girl, who reveals to him the state of the ever degenerating universe since he abandoned it centuries ago. He then begins a quest that will lead him against his fellow demi-gods and back to the realm of "heaven" to save the universe from catastrophe.


That was the original premise for the story, The Death of God, as it existed at it's inception. The current story is actually a fusion between this and another story, which was set in a time period before this one. At one point the story of Jocinto and Arianne was made into a prequel to this one, but I decided that the two characters were too similar to, Michael and Cassie, and thus reworked the story into one cohesive timeline, where the War in Heaven is sparked by the events that transpire between Jocinto and Arianne. Jocinto would later become what the character Michael was; Michael, becoming Mich'ael, the "archangel" spirit within the armor, which had developed into a sentient symbiotic suit, which Jocinto would bond with. Arianne would replace Cassie as the girl who awakens [Michael], requiring her to find a means to travel foward in time to do so.

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