TFJ's Pokemon SoulSilver Team Picture

So yeah, I've been playing a lot of Pokémon SoulSilver as of late. This is the team that I use. In my usual tradition of writing too much about things, here are some descriptions of who they are!

Name: Agni
Species: Typhlosion
Type: Fire
Personality: Quirky
Name Origin: Agni is a fire deity of Hindu mythology, the one who accepts the ritualistic fire sacrifice.
Specialties: Using Flamethrower to thoroughly char his opponents, being one of the team's two Earthquake-wielders, delivering surprising upsets to Water-types by means of Solar Beam.

Name: Vincent
Species: Gengar
Type: Ghost/Poison
Personality: Hasty
Name Origin: Vincent is named after Vincent Price, a famous star of old horror movies.
Specialties: Shadow Ballin', eating dreams with... Dream Eater.

Name: Baattery
Species: Ampharos
Type: Electric
Personality: Hardy
Name Origin: It's a pun stemming back from when she was just a Mareep. Get it?
Specialties: Thrashing those annoying Golbats with Thunderbolt, soundly defeating Psychics and Darks with Signal Beam.

Name: Sirius
Species: Starmie
Type: Water/Psychic
Personality: Timid
Name Origin: Sirius is the brightest star system in the night sky. I meant to go with Altair, but Sirius seems better.
Specialties: Surfin', being the token Psychic-wielder, destroying Dragons by means of Ice Beam.

Name: Shaggy
Species: Tangrowth
Type: Grass
Personality: Docile (and also kind of stoned)
Name Origin: Shaggy is just kind of... shaggy. He's kind of scruffy, dopey, and a bit of a pothead. He could also be named after Shaggy Rogers of the Scooby-Doo series, who is thought to have smoked pot from time to time.
Specialties: Being one of the team's two Physical powerhouses, Power Whipping, using Rock Slide to destroy five of his six weaknesses (including those ever-annoying Golbats), surviving a Blaze Kick from Bruno's Hitmonlee thanks to his incredible Defense, taking a Flamethrower from Lance's Charizard directly to the face and surviving it through sheer willpower and incredibly high HP (in spite of his lacking Special Defense).

Name: Munchie Jr.
Species: Flygon
Type: Ground/Dragon
Personality: Serious
Name Origin: Munchie Jr. is one of the thirty sons and daughters I bred from Munchie, the old Flygon I had in Pearl. The student has surpassed the master.
Specialties: Being the other of the team's two Physical powerhouses, being the second of two Earthquake-wielders, Flying from place to place, cracking those nasty Ice-types with Iron Tail.


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This artwork is an original piece by TriforceJ.
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