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The story takes place in the year 2020's, when the ecomony had gotten so bad in America that the rich gets richer while the less-fortunate gets poorer which sparks the first Civil War in such a very long time. The war pinned the poor waging war against the rich. But, since the wealthy had superior technology, they were able to make short work of them with little effort. The poor side of America was ultimately defeated when the world's most powerful corporation called "TriMAGE" created a device called Pandora's Box which they unleashed every evil monster from the box with the help of Pandora, a being they've created to harness the power to kill off those who stood in their way.

Now in the year 2026, in a city where the TriMAGE building stands over a city where the poor people continued live in poverty while the rich lived in settlements. In the poor side of the city, in a mini-mart, a clerk named Mikeal Osbourne who once fought in the second Civil War now spends his days working in his mini-mart that he somehow managed to put together. He and his three friends are branded as war criminals since they sparked the second Civil War and can't leave the city without the devices inplanted in their brain to explode. Since Pandora's Box cannot be close, it allows even more monsters into the world as well as other beings from entirely diffrent mythologies. Mikeal, refusing to live out the rest of his days as a prisoner in the city, decides to confront the TriMAGE president, Char D. Wesker and put an end to this once and for all with the help of his friends and more important, his girlfriend, Pandora who fell in love with after the war.
This is the front cover of the book, it won't be as long as Neo Destiny Episode II, but will prove to be a fun story to write since it's an Action-Horror-Fantasy-Comedy!
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