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Fundraising Adoptables [Updated 11/03/14]Greetings and Salutations to all Citizens of Internetopia!
Edited November 3rd 2014
I'm just going to say.. That you guys are wonderful and that I love every single one of you. I've been getting caught up in trying to finish a few commissions before continuing my adoptables which is set to go up fairly soon. ..But first. I need to thank a few people who have been unbelievably supportive since this all started.
CosmicDerp, Eyan, kittyline13, PapaSamOLD, and PurrfectlyKind
I've stated since the beginning of this that I'm not very good with accepting donations in exchange for nothing. It doesn't feel right and it's always very difficult for me to be on the receiving end of such treatment. That's hard earned money that I'm sure they themselves are in need of and yet despite my consistent protests they continued to go above and beyond what I wanted them to do and have already helped me reach 1/4th of my goal.
That's right! Not
Life Update and Lava Threats [Updated: 11/03/14]Hello and good day Cyberscape! ]
Edited 11/03/14:
Hey there everyone, it's been close to a month since my last update concerning the progression of the lava and I can't say as far as living conditions go that things have gotten much better. While I'm still in the fortunate predicament of not being in the lava's direct path the consistent toxic gases and fumes that the lava itself releases hasn't really been conducive when it comes to living comfortably.
Breathing them in on a daily basis comes with what seems to be a constant headache, fatigue, and a lack of want to do much of anything at all due to the lack of pure oxygen in the air. It kind of makes you want to sleep all the time even when you know you have things to do. Not a good thing since I have to be productive to get these adoptables out as soon as I am able to collect towards my moving fund. Trekking through though.
I still can't believe the amount of support in donations that I've been receiving from no

Also, anyone who purchases my adoptables will be entered in a raffle to get a free commission from me. Prizes are listed at the end of the journal. Thank You For Reading!

P.S. And a Big Thank You to DaringElle for helping me with her animal legs! Without whom I wouldn't have been able to to successfully replicate.

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