Thunder Goddess Picture

-fanfare- Behold Treyeus Goddess of Thunder and Lightning of the Germanic Gods

okay that's not what the real identity of the original GOD is if you know Anglo-Saxon or Germanic Mythology, but upon watching the new Marvel Live movie Thor the other day i couldn't stop myself from making her, so I first looked into what Norse gods I could reclaim or make the reincarnated mortal offspring, that inherits their power as a mutant but then i realized every Norse God in Marvel is very much alive. and Thor already has a Daughter with the Lady Sif

So I dug deeper and found that in history; the Germanic Gods and Goddesses while similar are also degrees different from Norse ones; like the difference between Roman and Greek gods and in point of fact the roman and Greek God stories ALSO stemmed from even these other ancient gods among other ones. So digging further and further; I ended up making Treyeus; a Fused Name of Dyeus, Zeus and Tyr; 3 of the staple gods of thunder and Lightning in all the myths they come from. Treyeus is My Female version of that and is supposed to be Thor's Equal

However unlike my other characters that had a hard life but smiled about it cuz they always looked at the brighter side; her origin was dark and remained dark for the majority of her Divine life:

Her people the Germanic Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses fought Odin's Grandfather the First Allfather Buri for the right to live in Asgard; but were driven out because of their overly aggressive and Barbaric Nature, picking fights when they could and wanted to, it was unsavory to the Asgardians, acting in protection of his people and All of Asgard He banished the Germanic Gods and Goddesses to the space between Midgard and Yggdrasil the Great Tree of the 9 realms. However what neither party counted on; the Asgardians or the Germanics; was that Jormungandr; the Midgard Serpent, resting in that space for the time of Ragnarok would awaken for a short moment and Kill and Devour all but one of them; the only one to Survive; and that's our Treyeus.

She navigates her way out of the Midgard serpents space and vows to take vengeance on Buri and all his Descendants until she saw justice. Centuries later she ends up in Midgard, on earth, and as you might have already guessed, trouble started when she began tearing up the City she landed in upon her arrival

Edit: I have more detail sor forgive the length of this

Treyeus ends up running into a Mortal form of Loki who pursuades Treyeus to fight for him during the next Odinsleep, Swearing and garunteeing that she'd get a crack at Thor since he's Odin's top defender during every battle during the Odinsleep. Well as you can guess, she didn't hesitate to say yes to Loki's offer, but she also didn't make it an easy agreement for him either, holding him by the throat saying "If i so much as get goosebumps believing that i'll be doublecrossed by you Loki, I turn my wrath unto you instead of your brother"

Talk about a severe warning, well Loki had half a choice, he still intended on Doublecrossing her, to get her Chakram; which BTW was a tricky Weapon for me to choose. i couldn't use a Hammer since there are none like Mjolnir; Thor's "Bizarro" counterpart, known as Ragnarok, has a Battle Axe called Stormbreaker, a Sword is a Highly over used weapon in any and all known stories; besides Comics and anime, and Odin has his gold Spear so i had a bit of a Conundrum, until I ended up searching Youtube for Clips of Xena Warrior Princess so that I could get a good idea for Battle armor and skirts, and it hit me in the head, literally A Chakram!!!!

Anyway!! Loki wanted Treyeus' chakram believing they'd give him an edge over Mjolnir in a fight, seeing as how they gave Treyeus her edge, since she could fling them to ricochet off other objects to be more unpredictable then they naturally are by themselves. He'd be right accept for one problem; Trreyeus put a guard on them so that even if they were taken from her hands, they'd render themselves nothing more then metal rings, no power, no lightning, no color, no nothing; Unless Treyeus names her successor to her power like Odin and Thor could with Mjolnir, or she dies.

But a snag hits Loki's plans yet again; the Lady Sif, Thor's Lover gets Treyeus' attention and tells her all of Thor's and Loki's history, especially the bit about him dragging the Mortal, Bruce Banner using the Hulk to try killing Thor to acquire the Hammer to defeat Odin before the Odinsleep was finished. If Treyeus was anything she was a fair fighter among all her other qualities, she'd rather ose her fight to someone then ever attack them while they were vulnerable, or kick them while they were down

Thor and Sif showed her that that was exactly what Loki almost made her do, so in an effort to earn the Asgardians trust and to apologize for her indescretion in fighting alongside Loki, she singlehandedly wiped out the rest of Loki's army and confronted Loki herself, and with Thor's help earned another Victory for the asgardians defending Odin during Odinsleep.

after Odin awakened, he recognized Treyeus, and thanked her for the assistance in the fight, and forgave her for what she'd almost done in fighting alongside Loki for the greater half of Winter, when Odinsleep occurs. He also apologized himself which earned a Collective awestruck gasp from every asgardian in Valhalla. For the Injustice done to her people by his grandfather, for the slaughter of her people by the Midgard serpent, and offered her sanctuaryin asgard, since there was no other place for her to go to, accept Midgard.

Treyeus opted to go to Midgard, and stay on there as a hero, seeing the good Thor had done for the Mortals with the Avengers she was curious how it would work out for her. Thor affirmed this with his father and graned them both permission to leave after the celebration (( Of course Thor could come and go by this time in his life as an Avenger anyway, if you've read the comics)) Thor immediately Brought Treyeus to the Avengers Headquarters, Introduced her to all the heroes that were there ATM and asked them all to take care of her and show her Mortal life

More to follow later on, till then Enjoy ^__^

Treyeus and Artwork © Me

Thor and all Norse God and Marvel Asgardians references, Stories and Ideas © Marvel

Brushes © Original Owners
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