The World Map Sigyn X Loki doodle Picture

What can I say it's Loki and Sigyn, I wrote a little story about him following her into a powells book store (City of Books) and he sneaks up on her and tells her he understands why now his brother was always so mad at him for spending all his time with books instead of outside.
he then takes a book away and places up high where she can't get to it and suggests they take a walk she points to the weather
"you nuts Its pouring down rain outside"
"Oh come on you are not busy SHIELD has put you on ice and I'm not going to leave you alone until you say yes and thats only a matter of time because you have been doodleing hearts in your planner since I got here"
*Shuts planner*

not really pleased with it but it turned out pretty ok for sketch I will never finish
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