Apollo App Picture

∆∆ Name - Apollo Keo

∆∆ Creature & Class - Celestial! Apollo is a Aos Si, which are considered the Kings/Queens of Fairies. They can walk among mortals, as they do not have wings and are average height for a human.

∆∆ Age - 300 years old, but appears to be around 23.

∆∆ Height - 6'0.

∆∆ Weight - 140 pounds ****Incorrect on the app orz

∆∆ Member type - English teacher.

∆∆ Personality - Apollo is very dedicated to teaching. He often gets flustered over his own words because of the pace he talks at. Apollo enjoys talking with people, and gets very carried away in the process. His voice is not deep nor high, but somewhere in between, creating a nice, sultry mix. He is very affectionate and loves rewarding his students for doing good in class.

∆∆ Likes / Dislikes -
✔ Mythical story books.
✔ Singing.
✔ Teaching people new things.
✔ Milk!

✖ When people do not pay attention to him.
✖ When people act foolishly.
✖ Being compared to a god.

∆∆ History - Apollo could be described as one thing; a traveler. Ever since he was small his goal was to travel until he found his place. Apollo would walk among the humans to chatter and teach them about everything in his knowledge bank. Eventually, Apollo figured he would need a job soon and came to Blackgale academy.

When Apollo was born, it wasn't pleasant. He was birthed in the deep woods, then abandoned after the sounds of shots were heard. Since the shots startled him, he began to cry, and those who had shot (the humans) took him in to care for him. When they found out about his pointy ears, they automatically knew what he was and began to almost worship him. Since then, he's never taken kindly to praise. At night, Apollo would sit on the windowsill of the cottage and sing hymns of worship while reading a book. His love for literature flourished from those memories.

**Adolescence to Adulthood**
When Apollo transitioned into his adolescence he realized that this wasn't his place. As his caregivers passed away, he ran away to the city. Apollo made a living on informing humans all about the works of literature until he came to Blackgale.

∆∆ Extra - Apollo is often carrying a book with him filled with mythological tales. His ears are pointed, but he hides them behind his hair. He also does not have an Irish accent!

∆∆ Familiar - None!
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