Loki vs gods Picture

Loki and gods of Asgard. Scene from my new comics project.
You know it's my first drawing this summer :3

"Loki: Oh, I'm honored. Omnipotent Odyn, thundering Thor, one-armed Tyr, spiritual Bragi and... oh, even hawkeye Heimdall is here. (...)
Odyn: Loki, you must come back to your place of punishment!
Loki: Um... no? I don't wish this.
Odyn: So start Ragnarok! It must now begin!
Loki: Also not. I do not want
this thing.
Thor: Loki! Trying to make fools of us AGAIN?!
Loki: You, Thor, don't need my help for that.
Loki: Go on, do it. I was in hell a few days ago. And went back. I like this place. It's... warm. And nice.

Loki, Odyn (Odin), Thor, Tyr, Heimdall and Bragi from Norse mythology.
Characters (c) Nayia Lovecat
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