In the beginning Picture

There was one main villain who caused lots of trouble in my rps. She revolved around tormenting the ones who had already suffered more than they needed to. She was born from the heart of my very first character and became her polar opposite- she swore to kill the one who "faked" her image and claim her own position in her place. Things have changed since then though. The mythology changed- her creation changed- and the overall character finally evolved until she became the villain I loved and adored and claimed as my first in a series that was created out of boredom one day and became my life's work. Her name is saxon- and although her age does not matter because she can not age- she was created by a dark force to resemble that of the next vessel. Saxon was shaped in the image of what would be Sin's ultimate champion when the time came. Saxon is the image and form that Sierra is destined to take and when Sierra has finally achieved that form- both Saxon and Sierra would form and together they would become the prime evil that Sin needed. Claimed as a daughter by Sin- Saxon moves her mother's will to spread an evil disease like force that is destined to consume all. The first revealed of the "Dark ones" (the organization/group name of the 3 main villains I have)- her abilities to cause natural disasters, summon demons from the dark realm, and control darkness at her will- and even the most deadly element known as Void- (the element of destruction) make her a very deadly villain and opponent.

Saxon obviously belongs to me and my mythology and stories while the art was drawn by
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