Cover: Vermillion Plaza Picture

After all, they always had been there. In the Middle Ages, in acient Greece, even in Acient Egypt. Some also say, they are as old as mankind itself - The mythological creatures. Creatures, which are somehow human, but have forms and abilities far beyond human imagination.
But allthough they have been living with the human race on a plantet such a long time, the attitude towards them changed: The early cultures praised them as gods of nature, but soon, the humans made a difference between "good" and "evil" mythological ceatures and then, in the middle ages the situation escalated: The mythological creatures were grimly hunted, especially in Europe.
Nowadays, mythological creatures (officially called "MC"s) are a taboo subject, the governments try to cover up their existence. MCs have no place in the perfect world.
Because of this, many of the commonly rather solitary MCs formed groups to protect themselves from the persecution (Untrue isone of these groups, even a rather popular one). Groups like these eighter try to fight the human persecuters or or to help other MCs. There are so called "Shelters", in which MCs live undercover, because they are isolated from the government. Some MCs also spend kind of hollidays there because they don´t have to hide their true form there.
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