Steam: Mayhem and Foolishness Picture

February 22, 2014 the date of the Viking Apocalypse Ragnarok. Cher and Nakia stumbled across this date one day at the library, and began to concoct this elaborate plan to cause a little chaos. Originally it was just going to be Cher and Nakia, but then Binah joined in and the mayhem multiplied.

This comic is partially a response to Chai's comment about the terrible trio. Esme and Ammon knew that Nakia was up to something when she turned up at their apartment to borrow Helix Fitzgerald dressed in a peculiar outfit and with black paint all over her face, but they didn't really do anything to stop her. Ammon was preoccupied playing with a calculator and Esme doesn't really care what you do so long as it's not something stupid.

The result:
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