SONG MEME: 4 Picture

The fourth meme. ^^

o1: Whispers in the Dark | phantom!Ash&Holly. It would be so creepy to have an estranged ghost stalking you… no, i wasn't out of ideas--

o2: You Never Call Me When You're Sober: Night&Crow. I'm pretty sure that Nightcloud gets really tired of Crowfeather…especially when it's kind of obvious that he only claims to be her mate in order for his clan to trust him again.

o3: The Only One | Tiny&BloodClan. All our lives,
We've been waiting
For someone to call our leader.
This line seemed to fit Tiny and the rogues of the twoleg place. ^^

o4: Major Minus | Bramble&Fire. Coldplay songs are really, really hard to assign a character. e__e; Got one eye on the road and one on you"

o5: Anywhere | Crow&Leaf. This fits their elopement well.

o6: Seven Days to the Wolves | Maple&Tiger&hawk&Dark&Mud&Tiger.h&etc. This song didn't really fit anyone, so I decided to just do some sketches of some DF kitties.

o7: Under the Aegis | Fallen Leaves. This piece was entirely instrumental, so I based my sketch off of the title. I'm pretty sure that the Aegis is some sort of river (from latin/greek mythology, mayhems?) so I thought of Fallen Leaves, who's destined to walk the tunnels for eternity.

o8: Just Say It | Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf pining for Firestar, hm?

o9: Lacrymosa | Breeze&Heather. eh…if Breezepelt started to take out his frustrations on Heathertail, then the song might fit, but other than that…

1o: New Divide | Hollyleaf. The first stanza is really the only thing that fits her, I guess… <blockquote>

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