Show Girl Picture

I'm really proud of this one! Done in real watercolours!!!

I wanna make a manga on that animal rightsy theme I was banging on about in 'Manga Page'!! XD I spose one of the good things about not being a student anymore is that I now have time to plan long-term artistic projects. I have the general plot worked out but right now I think I'll save myself a lot of future frustration and help to improve the overall look of the finished product if I just focus on developing a consistent manga style.

This is a potential incarnation of the protagonist. Sorry about the nudity, if it doesn't agree with you. She's not always naked, just during shows to show off her physique best. She's "turned out" to her best advantage, with ribbons and temporary tattoos. It's paid off, as you can see, cos she has won a medal. The dominant alien species of the planet took advantage of the existent prestige of medals among humans to use them as the equivalent of rosettes or suchlike.

You can see from this that show-humans are not treated the same as we would treat say, heffers, because there is obviously a difference between the ideal human and the ideal cow, even by alien standards. The alien hobby-breeders recognise the importance of motivating their show-humans mentally. In a show human they are looking for overall charm, a charismatic yet docile personality and perfect manners. A prize show-human excels at dancing, singing, possibly playing musical instruments and looking pretty.

They are actually prevented from developing their intellects in any serious direction (such as learning factual information about the way alien society is run and humans' place in it), as this is known to promote 'difficult behaviour' among humans.

She will probably have a fancy competition name like "Meadow Nymph"- just as we are in the habit of giving beautiful animals like racehorses impressive anmes which sometimes pertain to equine mythology. i'm not mad heh
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