MARVELOUS #3 Thor Picture

(The Hamishmash MARVELOUS Series is set in its own universe. Therefore, the biographies of these characters differ from the ones seen in the official Marvel comics and movies)
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American history teachers Donald Blake and Jane Foster were guiding their students around an exhibition of Norse Mythology at the Smithsonian. The two teachers had been smitten with each other for a while but they kept their feelings secret to avoid gossip among the students.

While walking through the exhibit, Donald came before Mjolnir, an artefact that was once worshipped as the hammer of Thor. Despite all the “Please Do Not Touch” signs, Donald felt compelled to reach out and place his hand on the hammer. In an instant, he was knocked out by what could only be described as a bolt of lightning.

Donald had to recover in hospital and his body would never be the same. However, the accident allowed him to express his love for Jane and the two became a couple. Since then, shy and awkward Donald gained a new sense of confidence that he had earned with his near death experience.

5 years later, the couple returned to the Smithsonian. Donald intended to propose to Jane but was distracted when he saw Mjolnir. Once again, Donald felt compelled to touch the hammer and despite Jane’s protests, he did. This time, the lighting stroke once again but Donald didn’t faint. Quite the opposite! The lightning healed his crippled body, gave him magical abilities and brought back his memories of being Thor. He had been exiled on Earth by his father to teach him humility in order to be worthy of holding Mjolnir and ruling Asgard.

With these new powers he vowed to continue protecting Earth as he had done in the times of Norse legend. However, when Thor ever lets go of Mjolnir, he returns to his limping, history-teacher self. All was well for the hero until news reached Asgard of his triumphant rebirth. Thor’s brother Loki had something to say…
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