Soul Link #4: Alfhonse Picture

Soul Link #4 : Alfhonse

Alfhonse is the fourth and final soul to be helped by Emy. He's the youngest soul compared to the others, and is really emotional (not the crying type one). He never really wanted to join Emy, but her appearance reminded him of someone he cared for deeply, so he tagged along. His past is very dark...... the only things he remembers is people dying right in front of him, one by one. Alfhonse is very quiet in their group, and he doesn't really socialize with the others, he stays in his Soul Container mostly.
He wears a Hooded Poncho with an eye marked with an "A". I think it was custom made for him? Usually he has the hood on all the time so no one can see his eyes, he rarely takes it off. When he fights he has no weapons, but he has Invisable arms called, "Arms of Illusion". He has 6 of them and they talk as well(that's just strange). He doesn't know how they're with him but he doesn't mind them. The arms are able to see, hear, and speak, and they take orders from Alfhonse since he's their Master. The arms each have their own personalities, but in battle they won't be very kind. The down fall is that they have a limit to their reach, it's about 7 meters.

Alfhonse ???:

- Age: ?14-16? Years Old Range
- Race: Human Soul
- Class/Job: ???
- Birth Place: ????
- D.o.B.
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