K. Project- sketch 16- some information Picture

This is a small project based on fast digital sketchs carried before going to sleep
Every sketch will be focused on this brave young man, Kyu.
I'm trying to go deeper into the character and the various aspects of his relationship with Dedde,and his personality..

some information about Kyu:

Nickname:Kyu (Kyu is not his real name, but it is the affectionate name that Dedde gave to him, inspirated to the call which he gives in pseudodragon form )
Gender: male
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: since when has been reborn have passed 180 years.
Age Appearance: in human form 25/30
Race: pseudodragon/Light dragon
Blood Type: athletic
Preferred Hand:ambidextrous
Eye Color: teal with silver veins as pseudodrago, silver/platinum in human form
Hair Color :silver/platinum in human form
Hairstyle: long and straight, messy
Skin Tone: white skin
Height: 1.93m human form ,
Weight: 3kg in pseudodragon form.
Distinguishing Features: hexagonal green stone set in the middle of the forehead
Health: perfect
Energy:to return to his draconic form (and therefore also to take human form) kyu consumes a lot of energy and when he returns to pseudodragon form he needs to eat a lot and sleep for a long time.
Senses:highly developed senses and thermovision
Posture: Stiff and strong
Gait: determined
Scent: slightly metallic barely perceptible
Attitude: politely if he not consider them as a problem for the safety of his Dedde
Expressiveness: "he is an open book"
When Happy: purrs
When Depressed: he sleep on, maybe in somewhere high
When Angry:attacks
Current Residence: travels on the Deddelit's shoulder.
Family: In his previous life had kids, 3 are still alive and now they are much older than him
Friends: Dedde
Continue Reading: Places