Mom was Right Picture

I like to read up on mythology now and again, and I found a section in European mythology mostly describing Celtic myths. When I took a trip to Ireland, my tour guide described the Otherworld and how it was basically the place that fairies come from and that they liked to take people back with them. They used gates called "Fairy Trees", which are these little shrubby-looking trees that just "seem strange." Actually, the way he described them was "feckin' off ta look at." While I was there, I saw one; just this little tree out in the middle of a field, right next to a highway. He told us that the highway was supposed to go through the field in the seventies, but nobody on the construction crew (or any other crew hey got) would go near it to tear the tree up, so they just built the road to the side. The book just gave more details he left out, like how to spot one of the little bastards or their messengers.
My cat is named Boo, a name she got when I first brought her home and my mom pointed out that the white coat and dark eyes made her look "creepy" and "gave her the jitters". She was compared to a ghost or a demon. She's also not nice to everyone else in my house.
It never bothered me.
Up until now.
I've been extra liberal with the cat food and pets lately.
Please don't drag me to your freaky magic world, I don't want to be a leprechaun prostitute.
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