Kaarina ja Ilona Picture

Kaarina and Ilona
These are old-ish characters of mine, one of them being almost completely re-designed. They are Kaarina(brunette) and Ilona(blond). Now, Ilona kinda looks like a homeless person, but that's not the case(well, kinda)
You see, Ilona is based on old Finnish mythology. In one of our middle school religion classes we were talking about old Finnish mythology and religion. When they mentioned haltijas, I got interested. Nowadays, the word haltija(or haltia) is associated with elves, but the old haltias weren't like that. Their name literally means "a possessor" or something like that. There were many kinds of haltijas, but most of them were human's house and land's caretakers and such. But, there were also haltijas called luonto(nature). These were very close to a guardian angel. Each person had their own luonto, who usually stayed hidden. They were usually thought to be a doppelgänger of their human and they'd look after them and bring them good luck.

Now, Ilona is Kaarina's luonto, who kinda screwed up and accidentally showed herself to Kaarina. For some reason or other, she never returned to Vainajala(underworld), which was thought to be the place where haltias came from, and just stayed with Kaarina. She isn't really thrilled about this, since she's an average teenager who doesn't want some weirdo around her. Also, Kaarina gave Ilona's name to her, since she didn't have one and she wanted to call her something decent. Why Ilona? Because ilo means joy and Ilona is really joyful and curios all the time. Also, they would normally look exactly alike but Kaarina has dyed her hair and, like, done stuff to it. Ilona is all natural. Also, that's why she's wearing what she's wearing.
Also, Kaarina is supposed to be holding a smartphone of some sort but I fail at things.

If you're interested and want some information about haltijas, I'll link the Wikipedia page: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haltija (in English of course) unfortunately there isn't an English wiki page for luonto..

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