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Here's the finalized design for my first fantroll. I hope I didn't go overboard on my first try!
This is also my first attempt at spriting, so critique is welcome.
AU based off of the Replay Value AU [here]
Edit 1: Revised Bio
Edit 2: Fixed Image
Edit 3: Revised Bio again

Name: Xavyra Heqtre - Heqtre is from “Hectate” and “Spectre” referencing her Mythological Role as Heir of Shade.

Age: 7.5 Sweeps, or 16.25 Earth years.

Personality: Xavyra hates to push people around or make them do anything. Because of this, she usually refuses to lead. She has an aversion to injustice and meaningless violence. The responsibilities of her high class leads her to fear the disappointment of others and fears failure, so she lives isolated and away from the city. The positive side of her personality, however, is that she is a great speaker, is very passionate about her goals, and would be a great leader if she tried. She is only violent when against enemies that deserve punishment, and never to those who don't.

Likes: peacefulness, metalworking, art, playing around on the computer, spending time with friends or her lusus

Dislikes: the disappointment of others, failing, a project gone wrong, pushy people

Interests: Fantasy literature, metalworking, (secretly) fanfiction, relaxing in nature

Blood Color: Cerulean (#0042a4)

Trollhandle: theurgicMetallurgy - theurgic means magical, while a metallurgy is a metalworker. She’s so good at metalworking that she could be considered magical with her skill.

Quirk: Replaces all “K” sounds with “Q” unless the letter is followed by a U, as in cucumber. Also capitalizes V, X, Y, and Z.

History: Xavyra had always been the creative type. Throughout her whole life all she's wanted to do was be alone and work with her metal. But this wasn't what was expected of her caste. What she was supposed to do was be a figure of authority and act like a proper highblood. But that, combined with complications from her lusus, prevent her to do so. Hiding her lusus is no easy task, and if anyone found out... well, it would be chaotic at the least. The creature had a bad habit of corrupting any computers in the immediate vicinity, forcing Xavyra to live out in the wilderness. She became introverted and spent her days crafting with her metals, trying to stay away from society. Despite the troubles, she's learned to love her lusus and the two take care of each other. She built a computer that could resist corrupting influence and made three friends over Trollian, then mat one, a bartender, in real life. Despite the slight age difference the two became very good friends and eventually moirails. Then the friends decided to play Sgrub, and things went wrong. The session lacked a time player... And the price to fix the session was high.

Hive: A fancy steampunk Victorian-style home set on huge metal stilts, sitting in the middle of the wilderness. It’s very large, and the way to access it is through a clever elevator through one of the stilts. It gleams with brass and is powered by two windmills on either side of the tall, concave roof. It’s a really awesome sight… too bad there’s no one nearby to see it.

Lusus: Puppy the Horrorterror. A huge, skinny dog with two long, serpentine tails, one set on top of the other, and tentacles sprouting from behind the head, the back, and the base of the tail. Her beaklike muzzle has six blue eyes, two large ones with four smaller set around them. She’s large enough for Xavyra to ride, but compared to other Horrorterrors she's extremely tiny. She emits a corruptive influence that messes with computers, covering most text with zalgofication and causing most executables to run very oddly. In the session, Xavyra has to use her decorruption technology to fix everyone else's computers. Due to the fact that she's not of the world, she isn't timeline-doomed when she goes into the medium without being sprite-ified. But she does, however, jumpstart Xavyra's progress to grimdarkness. She had to be hidden on Xavyra's home planet because she was so terrifying, and could cause major problems if introduced to the city. Here's a picture of her.

Symbol: The top half-circle represents a gear, with a crescent moon in the middle representing night and darkness, with the added flowing lines representing tentacles.

Azitie Suppay, the Witch of Dreams – Moirail
Corvon Achlyn, the Prince of Doom - Matesprit

Strife Specibus: Foldingbladekind. Originally meant for pocketknives, Xavyra holds her Featherblade in here. It’s basically a metal pole with feather-shaped razor-sharp blades that fold in and out at the clock of a button.

Fetch Modus: Gearbox - Xavyra's items turn into gears, and are then placed in a gearbox where the puzzle is that she has to arrange the gears so the spinning bottom gear will cause every other gear to begin spinning. Sometimes she get bored/frustrated by this modus so she just switches to wallet.

God Tier: Heir of Shade. [In the Replay Value AU, they are described as “one who accepts”, but this is more for the roleplay part described in the guide. Their Whisperings, the omnipresent spirit of the aspect that surrounds a player like an environmental energy, will always jump to do favors because an Heir is a leader and the Whisperings have established them as their protege.] My headcannon is that Heirs can bend their aspect to protect themselves and are passive.

Shade is the aspect of literal darkness, fear, secrets, monsters (the things that lurk in the darkness), and Horrorterrors. Most of their power comes from the power granted to them by the Outer Gods. Able to wield the power of corruption without going insane, they act as messengers to the Horrorterrors and can get favors from them relatively easily. They gain power from corruption and can absorb all grimdark influence in the immediate vicinity to boost themselves while protecting everything else. They also boast abilities to create solid shadows, travel through darkness, and show a target's worst fears in shadowy illusions.

Planet: The Land of Glow and Glaze. LOGAG has permanently dark skies and coal-black ground, but the thriving plants covering the land glow with every color of the rainbow. Even the algae in the water glows, making rivers look like flowing prisms. The consorts of this planet are Water Dragons, those fun little blue-green lizards found at pet stores.

Dream Planet: Derse. Closer contact with the Horrorterrors leads to more grimdark powers and more favors granted by the Outer Gods. During a Dersite Lunar Eclipse she's commonly seen sitting on the top of her Dream Spire, listening to prophecies.

Sprite: Dracosprite - Xavyra prototyped a scale from a dragon. A big dragon. And also some mechanical armor, but luckily that was after entry. Either way, the imps were very strong on her planet and have paralyzing gazes. The personality of said sprite is fierce and very to-the-point.

Ancestor: The Mechanic is Xavyra’s Dancestor through a lot of glitched Scratch shenanigans, which didn't destroy the Universe A while creating a new session, which was Xavyra’s session. The Mechianic’s real name is Stvera Heqtre, who had a session with Xavyra’s moirail’s ancestor. Their stories parallel, but they have slightly varying personalities. Most noticeably is that Stvera is more extroverted than her post-scratch counterpart.

RP is always open!
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