Hades and Persephone Picture

Equipment: Canon Digital Rebel XT, edited with Adobe Photoshop 7

Model(s): Elizabeth & Me

Shoot: The garden was shot on a walk through Starin Park in Whitewater, WI, while the soil was shot at a construction site in the city. Elizabeth was shot in our living room, and I was shot in the garage studio.
I wanted to capture Hades' love, rather than his rampant lust for Persephone. This moment is before he breaks from the earth. This is actually the second image I did. The first is a direct side portrayal, with Hades in the bottom left corner and Persephone in the top right. Hades held a pomegranate.

Myth: This one is complicated. It begins with Aphrodite being irritated at the fact that her power extends over the realms of the world, except the underworld, for Hades had never been in love. Thus she sent her minion, Cupid, to strike Hades, which he did. For some random reason, Hades fell in love with Persephone, the daughter of the goddess Demeter. The maiden was romping so playfully in the fields with her friends, and she reached down to pick a Narcissus flower. Hades broke from the earth and abducted her in his chariot. He carried her back to the underworld with him, and she became his queen. At first she is terrified and wants nothing to do with the god of the dead, but she eventually sort of comes to love him and accepts her role as his queen. Hades does allow her to go back to earth and her mother, but he first gets her to eat a pomegranate seed. (in one version he makes her eat it, in another he tricks her into eating on in his garden) In Greek mythology, if one eats a pomegranate seed, it means they must return to the place where they ate it, thus insuring her return to the underworld, and her hubby.
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