Raven Ref Picture

Hey Guys, I Have A New OC Am Very Proud About :3

Name: Raven (Meaning: Bring Life Or Death)
Nickname: Loki (from Norse Mythology And Marvel)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: Oct 21, 1996
Birth-Place: Nottingham, England(UK)

Style: Goth / Punk / Rockabilly / Industrial / Steampunk Apocalypse / Irish & British punk / & Rock

Her Name Is Raven She Is A White Deer, Her Hair Fade From Black To White (She does Have Other Hair-styles I’ll Be Posting Later), Her Eyes ARE Spiral It Can Moves Of CHOOSE, She Have Markings Are Showed From The Leg & Arm & Shoulders & And Backside , She Like To Wear All Her Gags And Pricing(So Many), One Of Her Gag CAN CHANGE From The White Ankh To A Spiral Front-view Point Gags Or Spiral Gags,::: She Have 7 ear pricings, Nose Bridge Pricing & Two Below Lip Pricing, One Tounge pricing, Four Shoulder Pricings And Finally A Belly Button Pricing, She Like To Wears Mostly Tripps, Band Tee And Gothic Dress, She Loves To COSPLAY Most From Marvel Comic Books (Mostly Thor), Love Anime & Horror Games & Marvel & Foamy The Squirrel & Gothic / Industrial / Celtic Bands & H.P. Lovecraft & And Etcetera. And She Hate Being Short Sometime She Cheats By Wearing Her Platform Boots Or Creeper, MY CHARATER DOES SMOKE (Not Often), Sometime She Can Wear Glasses, She Love To Bake Cakes, Love Sweets And Chocolate, Drink Tea & Monster & Col-coca & Faygo & Purple Volka, And More Details Are In The Picture Itself Kiddo’s!!!
And Mostly Dislike Being Called Cute & Shorty
But Loves Pulling Tricks And Pranks

RAVEN (oc)- Belongs To Me
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