APH: Population - Trinacria Picture

My OC for the ancient Greek population who resided in Sicily.
Created for fun using history and local stereotypes, no offense meant. If something is incorrect please warn me.
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Though I called her Trinacria she only represents the ancient Greek population who resided on the coasts of Sicily and not the whole Sicily or the territory over which they lived or a their political government. Note that despite what many think the Greek population rule over the whole Sicily and that Sicily was inhabitated by other populations that lived there prior to the Greeks.
There isn't a real name for the land the Greeks of Sicily inhabitated as it wasn't really what you would call a single nation but more like city-states although in the end Syracuse ended up controlling most of them. I called her Trinacria because that's how the Greeks called Sicily. Another possible name is Siceliotia as that's how the Greeks of Sicily called themselves but I couldn't find this name used to label a territory so I prefers to go with Trinacria.
According to some the territory of the Greeks of Sicily and of the Greeks of Italy all go under the name of Magna Graecia. According to others only the territory of the Greeks of Italy used this name as the Greeks of Sicily kept themselves parted from them. Due to this I chose not to use it.
Syracuse or better Syrakousai wasn't really the capital, but became the most important city and controlled many others so I listed it as such.

The Greeks of Sicily, as far as I know, didn't have a flag so I used the ancient symbol of Trinacria in place of the flag.

Trinacria's human name is Arethusa, like the mythological nymph who gives name to a stream in Syracuse.

I couldn't find a fitting quote for her so no quote.
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