HoO : Happily Dark Picture

Name: Kiara Thalburg
Age: 15, almost 16.
Hair: Black, with dark red tips from a growing-out dye job
Eyes: Brown
Mortal parent: Mary Thalburg
Godly parent: Hades

Yep, another OC - this time, for Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus. This is after HoO, though, quite some time into the future. I think I already hinted at her godly parentage when I posted the sketch, and she had a different name then (now she's got one of the names my parents apparently wanted to give me IRL)

Haven't really thought out her entire story yet, but short of the long, she and her mom do get into a car crash on the way home from the beach; her mother's in a coma, grandma can't take her in 'cause she's looking after the mom, and her relatives are getting ready to head out of the country for vacation. So Kiara has no choice but to call her school counselor (who is actually a satyr) and take him up on the offer of summer camp, which seems better for her than to stay stuck in the hospital. Only this camp is Camp Half-Blood, and...yeah (I'll draw her in the CBH shirt at one point, I promise). Being a mythology buff, Kiara knows her legends and is familiar with the gods, which is why she has an idea who her parent is.

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