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Haha, guess you can say I've been doing a bit of soul searching for my art as of late. I'm not very happy with the direction my art is trying to take me, which is why you guys have probably seen me doing mostly group art and OCT art as of late. I decided that maybe if I went back to what influences my art choices, It can help me figure out where to go from there.

1. Binding of Isaac: Binding of Isaac is a Indie game that you can buy off of Steam. The games plot is Isaacs mother is a devoted Christian whom has heard the voice of God, and God has commanded her to kill Isaac. Isaac escapes into his basement with his life, and has to battle many monsters until he can confront and defeat his mother. While the gaming is very simple, the plot is what I really love. A child who usually seeks comfort in his mother is now trying to escape her. It's something nobody wants to deal with, and it can make you really think about the mentality of some people and how far they'll go to proof their devotion. This game (And hell, the soundtrack makes for some awesome dark art) can inspire you to create things that most people would find outlandish and horrible.

2. Jack: An anthro webcomic created by Dave Hopkins. It follows the life of Jack, and anthro rabbit who is the personification of the Sin of Wrath. He is tasked as the Grim Reaper. While trying to protect the souls in hell from them selves and his fellow sins who wish them harm, he is also trying to figure out how to redeem himself to earn a second chance at life. This webcomic is extremely graphic. It involves themes such has rape and murder. Just like Binding of Isaac, it makes you think of what people are capable of. What I really love about this webcomic is that it goes where few artists dare to go, which is why it has so many readers. And which is why I love it.

3. Clint Mansell: Anything written by Clint Mansell just drips inspiration and ideas. Requiem for a Dream is my favorite piece by him. And my favorite part is that because the pieces have no lyrics, it's easier to think of ideas without being muddled by lyrics. (Of course I love songs with lyrics too, don't get me wrong)

4. Discovery Channel: This was probably the first TV station I watched that wasn't just cartoons. Most of the programs are educational but entertaining, which is what I want my art to be in the end. You know, art with a meaning.

5. Curiosity: This is a program that shows on the Discovery Channel. (I'm actually watching it as I type this) Basically it just broadcasts different questions and tries to answer them. Can people be brainwashed? What was mummification like? Info about Super Volcanoes. All that fun stuff. It's like Discovery. Entertaining but educational.

6. Mythology: Now if this one wasn't obvious with what I draw then I don't know what is. Although I do prefer realistic mythology instead of the fanciful stuff of today (evil mermaids. Faeries that steal children. Succubus and Incubus, etc) It's just interesting to learn about and draw.

7. French Revolution: Of everything that I have ever learned in school, I have to say the French Revolution was by far my favorite thing to learn. The extreme measures used by not only the French people but the French monarchy to cause the other side as much hell as possible is interesting to learn about. We come back to the 'doing things other people find crazy' deal.

8. Religion: Ooooh. The big one. Religion. Especially Christianity. I'm actually an atheist, but I still love to learn about it. Mostly about the mythological aspect such as Adam and Even and Lilith. Mythology. See number 6.

9. WIPs: I like seeing how other people build their drawings, because then I want to try it on my own art. Which then usually has me thinking of things to draw faster so I can actually try the new thing.

10. Scott McCloud: A comic book writer who has written some of the best comic book tutorials I have ever read. Anytime I need an idea for my comic, I crack open one of his books.

11. Pixar: While most of the items on this list have either been brutal or educational, I like Pixar because it's just simple and fun to enjoy. It doesn't need some giant in depth message or dark and edgy themes to keep me interested. It's simple plots and fun characters are what I go to Pixar for.

12. Reading: I read almost as much as I draw. I can read a 700 page book in less then 10 hours because I have read so much my reading time has sped up. Which sucks because I'm always running out of things to read. I don't think I need to explain why reading influences me. It's READING.

13. Skyrim: I came for the fantasy RPG and I stayed for the wide landscape and amazing ideas this game has created. Skyrim is the reason I have started looking at mythology different. Which in turn has effected how I draw it.

14. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: While I think the games dialogue can be a bit cheesy at times and the bosses too easy (I KOed Primal Dialga with a few X-Eye seeds and Water Pulses!) I think that the main characters (excluding yourself...because the MC is boring.) are very interesting to think about. Especially Dusknoir and Grovyle and the parts they play in the story. Plot Twists people, learn them..

15. Horror Video Games: I am actually a BIG wuss. I watch LPs of horror games such as Amnesia, Penumbra, Slender, Dead Space, etc. I think the suspense and constant heart attacks make the blood rush faster to my brain and help me think of ideas, because I seem to watch Horror LPs whenever I need a new idea for art. Maybe I'm just punishing myself for not drawing by scaring my poor weenie heart. :I

16. Eden (OCTS) I didn't know if I wanted to use just Eden for this, or OCTs in general. I guess I can combine them. OCTs have always helped me learn how to draw interactions and scenes that I may not have had the chance to draw before. Eden has been my favorite OCT by far, and has helped me with my comic making ability and story telling abilities so much.

17. Foils: Good and Evil. Life and Death. Love and Hate. I like figuring out how opposites can coexist with each other.

18. Famous Monsters: Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein's monster, and etc. Monsters are awesome and fun to draw and learn about. Especially if you go back far enough to learn their origins.

19. Grim Tales: A webcomic created by Bleedman. It takes place mostly in the Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy universe, but incorporates many other characters in the story such as Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas and and Him from Powerpuff Girls. It's interesting to see all these characters whom you have never thought could work together actually work together.

Sooo most of my influences have to do with 'doing what other people won't do.' Because that isn't what EVERY artist tries to do.

None of the pictures used belong to me BESIDES picture 9. That is actually my own WIP
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