Speedpaint Challenge - A Hedgehog Picture

This one took about two hours. I used one of my OCs to hold the hedgehog, to embrace and respect this little spiky animal.

Come to think of it, I'm considering to change this character's path, since I haven't really done much with him. I am not quite sure about it yet, but I had an idea to give the wolf totem and lycanthropy to another character, who was originally a jarl. If he had the wolf totem, he could (in a way) create leadership and better communication. The lycanthropy could be a hidden source, or probably create an issue within the jarl's raiding group.

Ljótólfr won't have the name, though. However, he is still a warden, carrying runes of power, to chant healing and destructive magic, etc. It could be fun to introduce other things than just lycanthropic humanoids, such as therianthropy (metamorphosis from human to animal). It could also be fun to introduce other animals and beasts to the characters. Oakstump could have a goat totem, while this fellow in deviant image can have a hedgehog totem. Despite that I do not believe in such things, like viking mythology, totems (etc.), I still am very fascinated by such perspectives and some other cultures. Why some and not many is mainly because of time limit.

Still a fantasy world, of course, inspired by things I've read about, also from different computer games, which I've enjoyed quite a lot. I'd like to create a wider concept, probably even design a viking village, necromancer lairs, etc. Heck, why not even another place inspired from a completely different culture? 2014 is coming soon, and I am looking forward to it!

Happy New Year!

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