Military Junta of Tartarus Picture

No 'royal family' for this country! Unlike the other two countries which are ruled by monarchies, Tartarus is under a military dictatorship--or, to be specific, an Autocratic Startocracy under Sougei (the middle guy). So it's not really a military junta...
He's the supreme power; while the other four alongside him are his hand-picked attendants, who mostly do his dirty work (not that he doesn't enjoy doing it himself once in a while).

So~ from left to right:

Kita Jikai :: 20-years-old. The Jikai twins are Sougei's most trusted attendants and do most of his... more nefarious jobs. They are in charge of Sougei's protection and deal largely with internal affairs and interrogation. Kita is rather abrasive and a perpetual frowner.

Saoirse Endellion :: 24-years-old; Field Marshal. Goes by her last name (because she hates her first). She is an exceptional fighter and is the appointed Field Marshal of the armed forces. Endellion is a twisted feminist (along the lines of a "feminazi") and is ruthless with her military rule over male officers.

Sougei Shimura :: Age unknown (appears mid to late 20s); Commander-in-Chief. Sougei was already a high-ranking military officer when he rose to power four years earlier after leading a coup d'état and killing the previous royal family. Before his military enrollment, there is nothing known about his past.

Minami Jikai :: 20-years-old. (See Kita). Minami is a perpetual smiler... but don't let that smile fool you... Seriously. ಠ___ಠ;;

Saruki Maylin :: 36-years-old. Despite an underlying racism that prevails in Tartarus, Saruki is in Sougei's favor. He is a Bobcat Anima, and acts as an adviser to his Commander-in-Chief. He deals largely with external affairs communicating with the other kingdoms.


Tartarus is another place in mythology, this time Classic (Greek // Roman) and is the part of the underworld where sinners are sent.
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