It may not be that much.. Picture

But I'm damn proud of it 8U

My small manga/anime-related part of my bookshelf, with my newest addition to it: the first four volumes of the Ace Attorney manga! I'll order the fifth one in about a week, so I'm excited! 8D I might also order a bit more than just the fifth volume, seeing as the shipping might be free this time thanks to some awesome magazine called AniWay (the only anime-related magazine in the Netherlands hfjfjvdfhbf)

Anyhow, the books that are shown over here (from left to right):

- A book containing (almost) all the myths that mankind knows about. (It's mostly there to separate my manga-stuff from my normal stuff, but I love it a lot. Really. Especially the Greek mythology part, just, fbjbvgdfhbgvubdfhugdrfuergf %u2665%u2665%u2665)
- A book about how to draw/paint dragons. It isn't anime-related, but seeing as part of my drawing books are there as well, I wanted this one to be there as well. I have more drawing books, but they're at another place.. I should put them here as well.
- A German book about manga-drawing. I got it from a friend of my mom, and it's quite good c: The language used isn't advanced, so I can understand (almost) everything.
- A manga workbook by Christopher Hart (one of my favorite artists, just, hnnnngh). Covers the basics of manga-drawing and there are places reserved in it for you to draw.
- The complete manga workbook - girls. I still have to really read it. It contains software and covers the basics of digital art, which is awesome.
- 8 Aniway magazines. They're awesome. I love AniWay, just, fghdfhvdhvbd THEY EVEN HAD AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE ACE ATTORNEY MOVIE, HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!
- My Death Note 8U Fuck yeah.
- First volume of Death Note in Dutch. Bought in Brussels, Belgium together with my Death Note. There was a lot of manga, but the majority of it was in French >_>
- L Change the world, a Death Note novel. Have only read the first two chapters so far fhvjdfb
- The Vampire Knight fanbook. It's cool, really.
- THE FIRST FOUR ACE ATTORNEY VOLUMES pbhfvbdvgdfhbvjhgfdvg!!!!!!! I even got a small discount for them ;w; Volume 3 is my favorite so far, but that's only logical. Madame Lovetap //snickersnicker

So, yeah! Another random and useless deviation from Ilze OwO
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