Shasta the Ifrit Picture

YAY NO ARTIST'S BLOCK! Well, still having a little bit of one but not so bad- now I'm gonna try to go for random mythology, starting with Final Fantasy and Guild Wars inspired- games=great places to start researching. <3 researching mythology

idk, I was sort of interested. I think I'm getting back into mythology, so you'll see more of these soon!

For some reason I want to give him a name like Shasta, lol.

This is an Ifrit- a type of jinn/genie that lives underground. Has wings and blood of fire, usually a spellcaster.
My inspirations...
Ifrit- the monster summon (aka aeon) from Final Fantasy (these are from FFX- my favorite)
other final fantasy interpretations/concept art
Image on deviantart I found and favorited- also some info there

Sort of remind me of phoenixes, really.

Just a doodle- at least I'm doodling again, neh?

coming up- Bahamut! :3
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