50 Character Meme Picture

my GOD this took forever. But, after seeing a couple of these floating around on DA, I decided to do it! So, uhm, yeah. I will give brief explanations of each one, so you don't have to read if you don't want from here. XD Just 50 of my most faaavorite characters.
LET US BEGIN. (also in no particular order, just what popped into my head)

1.Cloud Strife; Final Fantasy VII: Haha, oh man. XD I don't even know what to say other than I freaking loooove this character TO DEATH. If I was any good at drawing humans/anime style I would draw the shit out of him. Anyway, pretty much his whole story throughout the FFVII series had me on edge as a kid. I loved it, I remember thinking he was a jerk at first but as you realized what he went through, everything changed. He has every reason to be sad/depressed or whatever in FFVII: Advent Children (even if they may have over did it) but still, Final Fantasy VII is probably my most favorite game. Ever.

2.Sonic the Hedgehog: You had to see this coming. All I can say is that this blue dude has made a big impact on my life; otherwise I don't think I'd still be drawing Sonic shit when I'm almost 20 years old haha. And I can say quite honestly, he is my only favorite from the series. I hate most of the other characters that Sega has created for him, but whatever. That's my own opinion and I hold no disrespects.

3.Vegeta;Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Ball Z was one of the first animes I ever watched, and I was hooked instantly. Don't know what it was about it. But fuck, Vegeta is the shit. I mean, he's a total badass. Well, most of the time. >.> I love dark/mean characters so I suppose that doesn't help haha. But, I love his back story, his intentions when he was evil...I remember running back home after school to make sure I didn't miss it. Another thing is no matter what, he always had one goal: BEAT KAKAROOOOOT. Even though he never achieved it, I sure as hell think he makes a better husband to Bulma than Goku does to Chichi. At least he won at something lol.

4.Optimus Prime; Transformers: Sexy. Truck. Ahh, so many memories. XD When I was younger my mom, brother and I would always watch the 80s Transformers movie together. From then on Optimus Prime was one of my main heroes. I mean, come on...giant robot with kick ass axe/sword/gun combination and transforms into a Semi Truck?! And...Peter Cullen. That man is a god even though he looks like a guy that would work in a deli. (You know, just one of those friendly old people).

5.Wolverine; X Men: I mentioned I have a thing for liking dark/angry characters, right? Freaking rage is all you can do to describe Mr Logan. Especially his burly, hairy arms. And Hugh Jackman is a stud.
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