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I've recently remembered that the Mad Hatter is, also, a Batman villain. So would Maddie Hatter (Ever After High) be her daughter too? Then I realized a Joker daughter wouldn't be so different from Maddie. I could draw only her, but I took it too far and done -again after my Frozen version a recreation of the Wham episode , The Tale of Legacy day. www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdDBO_…

So, what if, like Raven Queen, Lena Luthor (Lex's daughter) was a kind hearted girl? On her Legacy Day (done with a comics book of course) in the Super hero High, she read that she is destined to jail and just say no. Cue to shocked children of superheroes, to enthusiasts children of supervillains, to Laura Kent (Superman's daughter) asking how Lena can be so selfish (well...) and to Headmistress Xavier 's disapproval look. And to Joker's daughter, congratulating her friend who didn't made a "poof".


The explanations corner!

-Heroes and villains sometimes canonically have children, but so does Universal Monsters in some movies and still, none are in Monster High. Similarly I didn't mind the canon children, except the Scarlet Witch, nearly as famous as her dad Magneto.

-I've said here that comics are a kind of mythology, like fairy tales characters, and they're also famous movie/TV characters like Universal Monsters, so it fit perfectly. Note that I didn't see the 80's version of Hero High, it never reached Europe.

-Still , Lena is named after Lex real daughter, or younger sister, depending on the writer. (Tess Mercer in Smallville was inspired by her) Like Apple White was curiously not born with raven hair, Lena was born with, well...hair. Probably due to being female. And it's red like her genetics wants it to be anyway, even if it's mixed with blond. Her mother is officially unknown but I thought by a female sidekick like Mercy Graves (hence the hair color.) Here, at the legacy day, pupils are supposed to wear exactly their parents 's spandex, including masks, but I prefers to do something fancy like in Ever After High.

Lena should have worn a generic suit (explaining her tie) but the "mad scientist " attire (her dad 's role in Golden Age) was far easier to recognize. It have a white coat and black gloves, à la Dexter's laboratory. Her jewelry is made of emerald, due to kryptonit being (of course!) banished in school but it foreshadow the future use of it.

Her left hand is in the gauntlet of her lexo-suit static.comicvine.com/uploads/o…, pink and blue instead of violet and green of her father. It also foreshadow daddy's mechanical hand, when he was forced to amputate the original, infected by his kryptonit ring. Her white attire also remind of Lex's presidency days, img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20…, and of course Lexcorp's emblem is on her belt.

-And here the "Justice" (Royals equivalents) First kid on the front row on the left: Luna Prince, Wonder Woman/Diana Prince 's daughter, who wears actually the armor version of the attire (it's not a skirt, it's a short toga.) She's a feminist who proudly have her mom's maiden 's name. And Lynda Carter's famous cape . 2.bp.blogspot.com/_SbR_pcheeDE…

-Second, Brad Wayne. Seriously, take a wild guess for the father. I wouldn't like to deal with Huntress (originally Batman and Catwoman daughter) or Damian , who was a Robin (and Batsy and Talia Al Ghoul son). So, I changed the mom: Brad is Batman/Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman 's son. Why? Because I can (and because I'm a Batwondy shipper that's it). Thus he's Luna's brother(explaining the identical brown eyes). Despite being shown at the same place: he have absolutely nothing in common with Daring Charming. And he is constantly brooding because he didn't inherited mom's amazonian powers (they're only transmitted to girls), forcing him to stay a badass normal, because his grandparents are deeeeeeaaad, but also because he's wondering if his parents are bounded to this destiny too? Even it will took more than an snipper to kill them, that is.

-Third, May Parker (Peter Parker/ Spiderman offspring). Yes I mixed DC and Marvel because, once again, I can. She actually share her name with the canonical Spidergirl, images.moviepilot-cdn.com/spid…, though I made her a redhead to match mummy Mary Jane hair color. She wear a mask and web under her arms inspired by Spiderwoman static.comicvine.com/uploads/o…
She is the local Ashlynn Ella, I think she have a crush on Dr. Octopus' s son, supposed to be a future nemesis.

-Second row, on the left: ? (couldn't find a name) Rogers, Captain America's daughter. She look like more a Miss captain America cosplay, here....^^. Then, ? Stark, Tony Stark/Iron Man and Pepperpotts 's son. And Melanie( "Black") Queen, Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen and Black Canary/ Dinah Lance 's daughter (I know about Speedy, but she can be her sister.) She actually inherited her mom's vocal capacity, but she have to wear her dad costume too that day. And she still have archery skills.

-"Doom" (Rebels's equivalent) row. First on the left, Katrina "Kat" Minerva , Cheetah/Barbara Minerva 's daughter. Not ToraLei ^^. (Cheetah is considered Wonder Woman archnemesis although she is less powerful than Ares or Circe.) darrenweathers1.weebly.com/upl… here she is, her offspring continue the trend of the mean cat lady in Mattel high.

-Then, ? Quinzel , Joker and Harley Quinn daughter. She can't be named Duela like Jokester (heroic Joker from Earth-3) daughter, dcomixologyssl.sslcs.cdngc.net… because she is also the offspring of a female Two face. Duela DentÂÂ would be a fine name for the daughter of the regular male version, still. Here, our student isn't disfigured, she just wear lipstick.

-? Octopus, Hunter 's equivalent. Due to be a prettier boy than Dad.

-Second row: Magneto's granddaughter. She prefer to wear usually a Scarlet Witch (her mom) inspired outfit but have no choice other than wear grandpa's "bucket" on the head tonight.

-Then Fatality von Doom, Dr Doom daughter. She usually do not wear such a mask, but have to put it on today. She isn't disfigured too.

-Zachary Zod, son of General Zod and Ursa (or Faora? not sure). I would like him to be smaller and younger than everyone, developing a Napoleon complex. Whenever he say "Kneel before Zod!" the person can answer this gem I heard in Fullmetal Alchemist: "So we can be face to face?"

-Laura Kent is actually named Lara-El , but goes by the previous name in an everyday basis. She inherited her brown eyes and nosiness from her mother, Lois Lane. (like Spectra Von der Geist and Blondie Locks, she owns the local school newspaper.) And being Superman's daughter, she is the local Apple White, a all-loving heroine. So seeing that she won't have her expected destiny upset her, to say the last.

-Professor Xavier's daughter have hair due to being female too, but still, she followed her written destiny and once loose the use of her legs. So she isn't very happy to see someone is rebelling.

I think the local Cerise Hood would certainly be Hal Jordan/Green Lantern's daughter. (named Emerald) She would hide the fact her "unknown" mother was actually supervillain and Dad archnemesis Star Sapphire img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20…
Thus she would also possesses a second, hidden pink ring....
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