Door Gods Picture

As some of you might remember if you've looked at my gallery in the past year or so, I did a series of drawings based on the theme of mythological beings and figures portrayed in the modern world. I decided to try it again since I had so much fun with it last time.

These are Qin and Yuchi, based on the Chinese guardian deities ([link]) known as Qin Shubao and Yuchi Jingde. In history, they were Tang dynasty generals so fearsome that ghosts were scared of them. That's right, motherfucking phantoms and shit were scared of these badasses. In my interpretation of them, they're enforcers in the district police force.

Times are tough, with gangs of Oni and Tengu grabbing more territory while other gangs are destroying each other in a civil war that's ruining the city. With the police force growing steadily weaker against these presences, they need a mythological force-multiplier. Thankfully, they got the two toughest guys this side of the Heavenly Kingdom.

I based their designs off of Beijing opera masks which have always had a cool appeal to me. As for the rest of their outfit, I figured these are the kind of cops that are going to be in the dirtiest most brutal places in the city, so you can't exactly blame them if they're dressed differently from their fellow law enforcers.

And yes, the inhabit the same city as this guy. [link]
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