Gabrielle, Angel of Death Picture

Gabrielle; Angel of Death, Mercy, Fire, Annunciation, Resurrection, Vengeance, and Revelation.

While Many proclaim that Gabrielle is male and the Angel of Water; Gabrielle in truth, is neither Male or Female, but can take on any form it pleases. It is currently in a Female form, and has been for a very long time.

Also, as the Angel of Vengeance, like Angels of Punishment; utilized Fire to met out their retribution. Gabrielle is so proficient with the use of Fire, she can use a single spark from a cigarette, to incinerate a full grown Human, to burning down a city in the blink of an eye.

Despite being seen as benevolent, Gabrielle isn't known for her unlimited compassion. She is often called on the by the Council of the Sephiroth; to Hunt down and execute those who have become a threat to the Angel Nation.

The gesture seen in this pic, is not Gabrielle, saying shush, and making the silence gesture, while gesturing for you to shush. this is a reference to both The Prophecy and ancient Mythology dealing with Gabrielle.

According to some myths, When you were born, Gabrielle would appear to you, and tell you the secrets to existence. but to keep from saying anything to anyone, She would raise her finger to the depression above your lip, below your nose, and place her hand on your head, while saying "Shhhh!"

In the Prophecy, it was how Gabriel would silence others while they were talking, and when use in conjunction with the placing of an open palm on one's forehead, it would render one unconscious. In some myths, Gabriel had influence over sleep, and could, cause others to fall asleep on whim, just by saying "Shhhh. In the vicinity of others.

All in All; Gabrielle, is like Most Angels; not someone you wanna mess with, because if you do, you're most likely to end up as a pile of smoldering ash.

Despite this, Gabrielle does have a soft side, that only a few ever see. She enjoys music, as long as it sounds beautiful and isn't something cheaply replicated and manufactured, and she has a fondness for milk, cookies, and cats.

I decided to Go with a female archangel Gabriel; not because its trendy and cool, but because I wanted a different pace for the character. I decided to mesh elements of the Gabriel from the Prophecy, and the Gabrielle from the Cliffhanger Comic, Crimson; because I enjoyed those two version of Gabriel. Not so much for the version from Angel Sanctuary and Constantine.

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