Old Ones Picture

Canon EOS 50
Sigma 28-200 F3.5-5.6
Ilford Delta ISO 400

Christenings – the oldest forms of the tombstones in Lithuania were made of thick and trimmed boards, dating from XVI to XIX centuries. It is said the functions of christening is significantly extensive than a sign to identify the decedent. It is supposed that christening is an image of mythological world tree, connecting all parts of the Universe.

Making a christening for men there was used a tree of a male gender – oak, birch, ash, and for females – fir, aspen or lime. For male christening, horse heads, drawings of plants and birds used to be carved while at the female tombs monuments besides the birds there were the motives of plants and hearts.

Probably the most famous place of christenings in Lithuania is situated in Nida, the Curonian Spit.
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