Soulkeepers - Species Ref Picture

What are Soulkeepers?

Soulkeepers are small, canine-like creatures that guard lost souls. They come from a realm that borders life and death, and are known in mythology to be the spirits that ferry souls between realms. Whenever a troubled or restless soul comes along, a Soulkeeper is born to care for it, becoming its guardian, and on rare occasions becoming completely possessed by it. They are generally friendly, sympathetic creatures. They are about the size of a Papillon.

They come in a variety of colours, but tend to have the same basic shape. Their fur length varies, with the shorter variety being the most common, and some have been seen with hair in addition to that. Some have been known to have wings, and many of them enjoy adorning themselves with jewelry and other accessories they find lying around. These can be found in both the world of the living, dead, or limbo, as Soulkeepers are free to travel between all three.

Soulkeepers do not make particularly good pets, as they are usually so focused on the care of their soul that they have little time for anything else. They are considered blessed spirits, however, and occasionally with join a human companion for company. Those they choose are considered lucky to have such a dedicated spirit as a friend.


Soulkeepers dedicate their lives to caring for a single soul, and as such will never be found caring for more than one. That soul can be kept in various places around them, usually at the tip of the tail, on the chest, or possessing the Soulkeeper entirely. The soul itself can take whatever shape and colour the Soulkeeper desires, but it will not take up more than one "area" on the Soulkeeper's body.

So long as the soul burns bright, the Soulkeeper will be healthy. The dimmer the soul, the more sick the Soulkeeper becomes, only dying once its soul has faded completely. Thankfully, Soulkeepers take such good care of their souls, and it is very rare to hear of one even being ill, much less dying.

Soulkeepers are a closed species. You cannot make one of your own without permission.
Penumbra, "Penny," belongs to me. Adoptable Soulkeepers will be out soon!
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