MaraXDarkrai Picture

they met at a forest called westwood, a scary place where ghost roam. Mara was supposed to be sacrificed to him but it turns out to be a plan of his to get near to her and make her his queen. In Horishiman mythology, Darkrai is the gaurdian god of love, lust, newmoon, sensuality, darkness, ghost, nightmares, and night. Because he is the guardian god of love and lust, he was nicknamed "The Dark Cupid". The travelled through time along with the citizens and the royal parents of Princess Mara to escape the angry, jealousy prince named Damion. That mark on Mara's shoulder is a birthmark that has a heart on a black circle. That symbolize Mara's and Darkrai's love for one another.
I have to admit it it is so romantic
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