I call it: Boredshipping Picture

EDIT: Colored a bit to make it more fun to look at

I checked and the shipping name doesn't exist yet. Good. Because these two will annoy the shit out of each other... out of love of course. Haha!!!

Anyways, anyone remember Merit? The Yu-Gi-Oh fan-character I made a while back and asked you guys how old you thought she was? (She's 16, if any of you don't remember).

Wellll, I created her to be a girl for Marik because I wanted to ship him with someone but couldn't see him getting with anyone within the series at all. (No, not even with Bakura... that's just for laughs, haha!!)

I'm hoping people don't hate on me for her, I actually like her a bit and I've been trying to work on her character. Here's some info:

Name: Merit Akhenaten
Age: 16
Height: 5'7'' (Just two inches shorter than Marik, lol)
Weight: 120-125 lbs
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Eyes: Light-Blue
Hair: Black
Misc: She says what's on her mind/points out random things (like Marik's "mullet"). She's generally happy and kind of talkative. She's pretty good at Duel Monsters (better than Tea/Anzu and Ishizu, but not as good as Marik. She's not much of a strategist, so when she's placed against someone who is, she pretty much always fails). She's interested in Egyptian Mythology (which is how she and Marik would've met). When she gets mad she claps her hands in a rhythm (which annoys the shit out of Marik, lol) and she likes to wear heels and only owns one pair of flat-heeled shoes.

I chose the name Merit because it sounded an awful lot like Marik's name and I thought it would be HILARIOUS if Marik ended up with someone who had a name similar to his. Marik and Merit, AAAAAAAAAW what a couple of losers! Haaa.

Right now I haven't decided on attire for Merit. For now I just draw her in a white cami (the bow on it is yellow) and in a yellow skirt with the occasional green over-shirt. I know she likes to wear heels, so that's all I got goin' for me, heh.

Also, I need something about Marik to piss Merit off so she gets lippy/mad at him sometimes so she'll clap her hands, haha! If any of you have some ideas or know anything about Marik's character that I don't, please share!

These two... I can see them both bugging the hell out of each other just out of boredom. I don't know that I'd see these two being fluffy lovey-dovey too often. They're both too busy trying to find shit to do for that. (though... they could always hit two birds with one stone and be fluffy lovey-dovey as something to do, but... I'm thinking they're both too thick for that idea).

I don't remember what Merit's name means... I remember thinking it was cute...EDIT: I remembered, it meant "beloved" but now I can't find it. (Not the actual English meaning, the Egyptian meaning... which might be the same but I could be wrong)

And one last thing, their whole "relationship" would be a year after everything that happened in the anime/manga, so Marik is 17 here. Also: He looks damn good in a black wife-beater and some khaki shorts. Jus' sayin'. I'm thinkin' it'll be the outfit I'll draw him in whenever I'm drawin' some boredshipping crap.

Hopefully none of you hate me for being a fantard!
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