Cherub Picture

Cherubim are First Sphere Angels who posses rather unique bodies. Each of their bodies comprises of an amalgamation of a man, an ox, a lion, and an eagle. They are considered as some of the most powerful among the various Angels. They are capable of producing a divine light that they can use on others. The effects of which depends on who the Cherubim are shining their light on. For the righteous and innocent, the light simply warms them and to a great extent heals them of any inflictions they may have. For the evil and guilty, the light burns them and often leaves them in a state similar to radiation poisoning.

Among the various Angels, Cherubim are typically the guardians that guard the highest and holiest of places. They often guard things such as heavenly gardens and sacred libraries which can be easily be defiled by the wrong intruder. Apart from guarding such places, Cherubim also keep the peace within the integral community Angels have amongst themselves. They make sure that the different Angels get along peacefully with each other and help those that appear to be straying from their divine path.

While Cherubim possess such duties, the extent in which they perform them has some limits. Though they do them with the utmost vigil, they cannot exceed what is expected of them especially if it goes beyond certain moral event horizons. For example, a Cherub is given the duty to guard a sacred temple. They are expected to guard such a place from all sorts of foul creatures. However, guarding the place does not mean that they should completely seal it off from everyone. There maybe a fear that the temple maybe defiled by someone in disguise however paranoia, whether justified or not, should not deter the freedom of people making a pilgrimage to the place. Resorting to such extremes is not something a being of divine enlightenment should do.

This stance also extends to how Cherubim deal with themselves and other Angels. Due to keeping the peace in Angel society being one of the Cherubim's duties, the issue of heretics will always come up. While it is their duty to make sure these individuals, as well as those suspected of being heretics, don't cause trouble, Cherubim cannot outright take action unless the individuals in question actually do something heinous. They cannot imprison them on mere suspicion due to lack of Ophanim. They cannot invade their privacy with 24/7 unwarranted surveillance. They cannot force them to stop going to certain places. They cannot stop them meeting with certain people or stop people helping with them. Cherubim just can't do that for it is not what they are supposed to be. While this ideal has its merits, it however has its downsides as well for it often after something unspeakable has happened that Cherubim do something about certain heretics.

In relation with other races, Cherubim are rather peaceful. It is not in their nature to take action against other races even if they are demons. Cherubim will however take up arms alongside other Angels if there is a threat warranting it.


*Based on the Cherub from medieval Christian mythology. These are not the baby angels, those are Putti.
*When designing the look of this guy I had Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen in mind as inspiration.
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