THOR Redesign Picture

Prince of ASGARD, wielder of MJOLNIR (a hammer forged in a dying star) with which he commands storms, and hero to Yggdrasil the Cosmic "WORLD" Tree of the universe. When Odin adopted baby frost giant Loki, he tried to raise him as a son of ASGARD, but Thor always made him feel out of place- think the older brother with that pension for boast and always building himself with weights- and a rift would develop between the two over the centuries. After nearly starting a war with the Frost Giants, Loki learned his origin, Thor banished to Earth... exactly like the 2011 movie. BUT in the origin 60's origin, Odin gave him an Earth identity with a life: Donald Blake. Donald went on vacation to Scandinavia and found a cave with a stick; he banged it on the floor and returned to Thor.

I mixed the movies and original comic looks, the belt, gauntlets, cape, and boots all based on the 60's design with the upper armor more towards the film series.

Stan Lee wanted to make someone strong enough to match HULK when he first appeared, and decided to make him a mythical god. And since DC Comics had the Greek/Roman Gods, Stan Lee used the Nordic mythology instead.
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