CoM: Araseli Meztli Picture

"Sometimes we have to look back to see where we're headed. The past contains clues to what our future holds, and it's up to an Archaeologist to decipher those clues."

|| Name || Araseli Meztli
|| Age || 93 (appears mid to late-twenties)
|| Gender || Female
|| Height || 5'5"

||Species || Aztecan Amphiptere (Quetzalcoatl)
||Abilities ||
Since Araseli's basically a giant snake, she can constrict an enemy if she wanted to. She can constrict a creature up to twice her size, and is capable of feeling the heartbeat of the creature she's squeezing in order to make sure the creature is dead or to keep it from dying if she has to. Like natural snakes, she is capable of constricting a certain way to cause the creature heart failure due to disrupting the blood pressure, but it's not something she knows how to do, and only occurs as a random fluke. For obvious reasons, she can only use this ability in her True Form.

<Fire breathing>
Araseli is also capable of breathing fire in her True Form much like your typical dragon. It's her primary form of attack in this form as she likes more long distance attacking.

<Wind manipulation>
Araseli is able to use her wings in both her Fated and True forms to manipulate wind. She has more control over this ability in her much smaller fated form than she does in her True Form.

|| Title || Whisper
|| Class || C-class
|| Partner || Dyami Soloman

|| Occupation || Archaeologist and full time Keeper
|| Residence/Region || Western/ Mexico (Near Teotihuacan)

|| Personality ||
Araseli's quiet shy and quiet until she feels comfortable with the people and environment around her. Once she's warmed up, she likes to have fun. She has a rather playful and sometimes childish personality once she's opened up. She also enjoys giving others nicknames. When it comes to her job though, Araseli takes it serious. She was raised to believe her species of mythos are guardians of the humans, and that's how she views her job as a keeper.

|| Likes ||
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