CSSA app. no. 3 Picture

My Interest

This piece expresses the many interests that I have. The obvious focus of the piece is an African woman playing an instrument that doesn’t exist (at least to my knowledge). I designed the instrument myself thinking of something that’s never been played before. It’s a flute that is attached to a set of stings one a thin piece of circular wood. I’ve no idea how this would sound and that somewhat interests me. I’ve always loved music and I wish I had learned to play an instrument at a young age. I’ve always wanted to play the violin, but never got the chance.

The woman is wearing a headdress that’s commonly only worn by men high in politics. I’ve always been interested in the amount of struggles women have to face to be seen as equals in the world. The idea of a strong woman has always influenced my art and is a common theme.

Her hair is that of a woman from the Himbas Tribe of Africa. They cover their hair and their skin in a mixture of butters and fats to protect themselves from the sun. Ancient remedies for common problems are very interesting to me. I like the idea that we can protect ourselves using the nature around us. The butter and fat mixture gives their skin a reddish tint. For some strange reason or another, I’ve always had an infatuation with the color red. I think skin looks better with dashes of it mixed in and I wear it quite often.

She’s seated on a drum that has been covered with posters of the things that I enjoy. Right away, you see an America’s Next Top Model poster. I love that show. I love it a lot. I love how there’s always a different theme for their photo shoots, I love how they all have to worry about how they’re appearing and be careful with it, I love how they have different people putting make up on them every week giving them different looks and I love how you really see the true colors of a person when you watch the show.

Below it is a small poster for Danshuz. Danshuz is a company that creates shoes for dancing. I’ve always wanted to take a dance class, but I’ve never really gotten the chance. I still love watching people dance and I love how the movements of a dance can mean so many different things.

Next to that poster is a poster that says “Language” in different languages. I’ve always been deeply interested in languages. I often wonder how out modern languages came to light. Did someone start making random noises and then it was anonymously decided that, that random noise meant a certain expression? I’ve tried to learn a few languages, but I’ve never been too successful.

Below that poster is a poster of “Lipton Iced Tea”. I literally cannot go a day without some iced tea. Lipton is the queen of teas and will forever reign as such.

Next to the Lipton poster is one for Boba Milk Tea. Boba is such a treat! I live in a neighborhood that is mostly Asian, so naturally we have more Asian establishments around than a lot of other places. I love getting a nice cup of milk tea and drinking it slowly. It’s a real treat.

Below that is a poster for Mermaids. The mythology of Mermaids has always been interesting to me. I don’t know where it all started, but it’s just really interesting. I love how there are so many different variations on encounters of mermaids. They’re all pretty similar, but different. Mythology on a whole is very interesting to me. I’m really into Greek Mythology. I’m really interested in the idea that people would believe certain omnipresence based on correlating events.

In the center bottom portion, there’s a drawing of a woman that’s supposed to be from the early 1900s. Flappers and that sort have been a pretty big inspiration on me. I love the idea of a person that expresses themselves freely and doesn’t live within the confinements that they’re presented- as many women of that period.

Next to that is a poster with “big city”. I’m a slightly sheltered person. I live in California, but it’s a small town in California where nothing happens and things are pretty safe. I’ve always loved the idea of the city. Whenever I go into LA, I feel so giddy. It’s so different from little ole Walnut, California.

Above that poster is a small little poster of a tree. I love nature. I spend a lot of time wandering through our park (which is quite large) and thinking up random stories about a brave adventurer. I find that it’s always refreshing stepping out into the fresh air and dealing with the elements. We’re all too comfortable cooped up inside.

Under her leg is a poster that stands for Theater. Theater’s always been one of my many loves. I’ve been doing it since I was 5 years old. It’s a huge part of my life and it’s been something that’s really helped me change my entire attitude towards being social.
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