KYN-006 (DW2N-070) Hydra Man Picture

Name: Hydra Man

Designation: Robot Master (KYN-006, used to be DW2N-070)

Weapon Get: Split Hydra ([link])

Other weapons: Hydra Glare, Hydra Barrier, Hydra Heal

Description: Robot Masters gone mythological! After seeing the regenerative capabilities of hydras, Hydra Man was created.
Hydra Man's main weapon, Split Hydra, is a large snake missile that fires forward. If it gets destroyed, it splits into 4 smaller snake missiles that continues forward. His other weapons include glaring down at his enemies, causing them to freeze in place (Hydra Glare), or summon up a powerful barrier (Hydra Barrier) to heal and repair himself (Hydra Heal). While Hydra Barrier is up, most weapons are simply deflected.

Character: Very silent

Weakness: That Hydra Barrier seems powerful... Blitz Bomber...
Sprites used from Sprites' Inc
Concept (c) Ky ([link]) from RPM
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