Top 10 Characters That Deserve Better Picture

Here's a... very interesting meme I stumbled across recently.

It's about the characters you think that deserve better.

In this Top 10 List, I'm mostly going over the potential a lot of these characters have and
what I think could use some better handling. So, let's get this show on the road!

10. Coco Pommel (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)

As a fan of MLP, I think Coco Pommel is a sweet and kind pony. The only thing that we know of her so far is, is that she used to be Suri Polomare's servant. Suri was a total b***h to her assistant. Coco shines more because she switched sides at the end of the episode, leading to Rarity getting her key. She's low on the list, because I trust the writers to do something interesting with her in future episodes.

9. Bebe Stevens (South Park)

Bebe Stevens is one of Wendy Testaburger's friends. It's kind of a shame that this does not get expanded on. I know she's a bit of a b***h, but I see more to her for some reason. I think, with more major appearances and proper character development, I can see Bebe becoming a little better as a character.

8. Mr. Gus (Uncle Grandpa)

I have very mixed feelings for Uncle Grandpa. Mr. Gus has become my favourite character in the show, since I'm getting used to monotone characters. I think that if this character was in a different show, he'd be more respected and a definite worthwhile character if the other show ends up being mediocre.

7. Antasma (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)

Antasma is great enough as he is, but he had very little interaction in the game. He's a great villain, sporting a Transylvanian accent, great dark powers, and a unique charisma out of all the Mario & Luigi villains so far. He does have a handful of fans, but I think he deserved a little more action in the game to be as worthwhile of a villain as Fawful was.

6. Hans (Frozen)

If there's anything to give Frozen credit for, it's the plot twist of the movie. It's not too often that the handsome prince of mythological tales turns out to be the villain this whole time. Unfortunately, Hans lacks the charm and charisma, which are essential for making a great and worthwhile villain in my opinion. But he does have a great meme for us to enjoy for years to come.

5. Flame Princess (Adventure Time)

Flame Princess is awesome and great enough on her own, but Season Five wasn't too kind towards her and her relationship with Finn, barring Vault of Bones, that is. She kinda took the backseat to Princess Bubblegum throughout the whole season, since FP had just became a worthwhile character with Vault of Bones. I'm still sure her place as the new ruler will still give her great development for future episodes.

4. Meg Griffin (Family Guy)

Meg did not deserve to be treated like s**t all the time for the lulz. If your comedy becomes too reliant on unnecessary character abuse, then that's kinda lazy writing. Meg going through abuse is best served for drama purposes, as it adds tension to the plot. But instead, psychological torture is the unfortunate curse for this character for years to come. The ride never ends, mah boi!

3. Long Feng (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

As a fan of this great animated series, I loved Long Feng. It's kind of a shame that he never appeared again for the rest of the series. He was essentially the Jafar of this franchise. He had the whole city of Ba Sing Se and the Earth King all under his manipulative influence. If he appeared in more episodes, he'd be more memorable in my opinion.

2. The Main Cast of SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of my favourite Nickelodeon cartoons. This show has lots of great characters, clever humour and a good share of interesting and sometimes hilarious plots. It's too bad the revival after the movie really damaged the show's reputation, despite some diamonds existing in the rough.

I think that if the post-movie writers knew better on what they were doing and actually learned from their mistakes, I would forgive show a little more.

As for the characters, I don't want to remember a lot of them as mean-spirited jerks. SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs and Sandy all had their share of great character traits and some good depth here and there. Now Patrick's a prick, SpongeBob's a stalker and Mr. Krabs is a criminal.

Squidward, Plankton and Gary really did not deserve the excessive amount of torture the sadistic writers gave them in the worst episodes of the show.

1. Dunsparce (Pokémon)

Dunsparce has Serene Grace, which is an awesome and useful Ability, allowing Rock Slides to more likely flinch the foe. It's too bad X & Y never gave this guy a lot of things that could improve this guy.

If he got the Fairy Typing, he could stand up to the likes of Garchomp and Tyranitar a little better. If he actually got an evolution, which this guy's well overdue for, he'd seek greater use in competitive gameplay. Serene Grace is too great of an Ability to just waste. Dunsparce could have been worse, but at the same time, he/she deserved better.

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