Spirit bear Picture

The Kermode bear (Ursus americanus kermodei), also known as the "spirit bear", is a subspecies of the American Black Bear living in the central and north coast of British Columbia, and noted for about 1/10 of their population having white or cream-coloured coats. This colour morph is due to a recessive allele common in the population. Because of their ghost-like appearance, "spirit bears" hold a prominent place in the mythology of the Canadian First Nations and American Indians of the area.
It is estimated that there are less than 400 Kermode bears in the coast area that stretches from the Alaska panhandle southwards to the northern tip of Vancouver Island. And approximately 120 Spirit Bears inhabit the large Princess Royal Island.

Because we're reading it in class. Though I totally failed at making it look majestic :/ I guess I'm just bad at drawing bears

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